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The Last Lesson

CBSE class 12 English Chapter 1 - The Last Lesson. detailed explanation of the story along with meanings of difficult words. All the exercises and Question and Answers given at the back of the lesson, CBSE board questions have also been solved. 1 Jun I started for school very late that morning and was in great dread of scolding, especially because M. Hamel had said that he would question us on participles, and I did not know the first word about them. For a moment I thought of running away and spending the day out of doors. It was so warm, so bright!. 'The last lesson' written by Alphonse Daudet narrates about the year when the Prussian forces under Bismarck attacked and captured France. The French districts of Alsace and Lorraine went into Prussian hands. The new Prussian rulers discontinued the teaching of French in the schools of these two districts The.

20 Mar The Last Lesson, Franz, Villagers, Mr M Hamel, School, Scene at Town Hall, Students. The Last Class—The Story of a Little Alsatian. Daudet, Alphonse. Five Short Stories. Vol. XIII, Part 4. Harvard Classics Shelf of Fiction. 14 Jun NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Flamingo English The Last Lesson. QUESTIONS FROM TEXTBOOK SOLVED. THINK AS YOU READ Q1. What was Franz expected to be prepared with for school that day? Ans: That day Franz was expected to be prepared with participles because M. Hamel had said that he.


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