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Hexxagon flash game download

Hexxagon flash game

Play Hexxagon online for free! A highly addictive, radioactive and hexagonal board game based on Ataxx. Play Hexxagon - Take over the board to win the game. Play Hexxagon a free Strategy at Thousands of free addictive Flash games like Hexxagon and many more. Updated daily.

Author: Paul Neave Size: 46 KB Instructions: The objective is to have the most gems on the board when there are no possible moves left. You can move a gem to any hexagon up to two steps away as long as the hexagon isn't already occupied. If you select a hexagon adjacent to the gem, a new gem will be produced in that. Free Hexxagon game: An Othello clone with great graphics and sounds!. Place rubies strategically and win against a smart AI opponent in this classic board puzzle game. Out number all the pearls in Hexxagon!.

HEXXAGON - A STRATEGY HEXAGON GAME. Hexxagon - Strategy Board Games Click lo load Hexxagon Game Close Game Window to Return Here. Hexagon [] (Size 47k - Flash games requieres Flash Plug in). The hexxagon game will load in a new window, and then: Choose if you want to play against the. Hexxagon. Occupy as many spaces on the board as you can, transform your opponents pieces to yours by occupying the space next to theirs. Click on the piece you START GAME. The PCman - fun, free games-web tools-freeware-MP3 stuff! 3. QUIT. QUIT GAME? YES. NO. 4. LOADING TIE!. FREE Hexxagon Game Flash try to occupy all of the hexagon shaped spaces on the board. In free hexxagon game flash transform your opponents pieces to yours by moving to the space next to their piece. Click on the piece you wish to move with your mouse and select one of the highlighted spaces to move to that space.


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