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ENERGY BITS is a cross-media project on sustainable energy and energy saving , supported by Intelligent Energy Europe (European Commission),with the aim to stimulate behavioural change and promote innovative pratices among the years old. Its ressource platform propose a collection of 24 documentaries. Screenshot of Power Up game. Play Power Up! Capture clean energy from the wind and the Sun to produce enough electricity to run the town. Move your wind turbine up and down to keep it in the strongest, fastest winds. Keep your solar panels in the bright sunlight and out of the rain. See if you can light up the whole town. 12 Apr If your body battery is almost empty, ∞ Infinity Loop ENERGY is the perfect boost to power it. From the famous ∞ Infinity Loop game, this connection game sequel takes you through a myriad of infinite levels. This is a new way of playing the Loop game! This puzzle is a connection game that will challenge.

9 Apr The Energy Game is a drama class warm-up exercise. One player starts by making a sound and a motion, such as a raising fist and growling, or spreading out their arms and roaring. In turn, each player amplifies the energy of this action, as it gets louder and louder around the group. Start a new game. Just think up a city name and declare yourself Mayor. Finished Cities. Check out what other great leaders have built and rate them. Teachers Registration be built in our country. However, this game is intended to provide players with a base knowledge of energy generation, so nuclear power is included. Make informed energy decisions by exploring the relationships between factors such as geographic location, availability of energy resources, cost, and environmental and community impacts.

PHYSICAL SCIENCE, EARTH AND SPACE SCIENCE. The world's energy supplies are in crisis, and it's up to you to save the world! This game will teach you all about different power sources, alternative energy, and how we generate electricity to power our lives. SHARE. A fun and interactive Flash® game, Alberta's Energy Landscape complements the Grade 4 curriculum in Science and Social Studies. The game tests students' knowledge about Alberta's energy resources, including where the resources come from, how they get to us and how they are used. Level I challenges students to.


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