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Lyrics to 'Never Be Alone Again' by Russell Crowe. I couldn't be anything near, / I couldn't be anything close to you. / You engender in me fear, / Fear you. Read Never Be Alone (Shadrow) [[FNAF 4]] from the story Five Nights at Freddy's Songs Lyrics Book by MallowMarsh15 (❤️Marie❤ ) with reads. fnafsong, song. (using "So Alone" [With Hook] Dark Sad Piano Violin Beat prod. by Dansonn Beats) [Verse 1]: Coming soon [Hook]: I've never felt so alone (x2) Alone on the same damn road. That's still broken down. I've never felt so alone (x2) Wanna just inspire all nations. To make music and never be alone again. Never be alone .

Weep for your wife who could not bear to live without you by her side. She hid your torture from me. And she told me you had died. It's over now. No more good- byes. Close your eyes. Let memory fly away. You'llnever be alone again. Come with me. We'll find a brighter day. You'll never fear the dark again. We both were lost. Never Be Alone Again This song is by 30 Odd Foot of Grunts and appears on the album Other Ways of Speaking (). Lyrics to "Never Be Alone" song by Justice: (Ahhh!) Because we are your friends You'll never be alone again Well come on Because we are your.

You cover up the scars that are on your wrists. And I've been waiting here for you. Because the answers are closer than the waiting. Now it's over because tonight is burning through. Yeah, it's burning through. You'll never be alone again. I will carry you and take the world on me. I will carry you. You'll never be alone again.


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